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maglificio Mazzonetto la storia dell'azienda

Mazzonetto began  in the heart of the north-eastern Italian in 1966, from the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity of its two partner founders Bruna and Franco Mazzonetto.
It started as an artisan production and immediate success led to expansion of the company and its modernisation.
Today Mazzonetto Spa is a modern Italian company based in Fossalta di Piave (VE), where in an area of 70,000 square meters taken place the production plant, offices and factory outlet.
Mazzonetto Spa offers in its flag stores the true Italian knitwear, keeping a constant idea of high fashion and quality craftsmanship and offering the right price, in line with market trends and with the continued renewal of the production department and information technology company, as well as personnel specialist Italian is used in all stages of production.
All in full compliance with safety and the environment.
The family Mazzonetto has total control over product quality, from the choice of raw materials to finished garments:a direct thread that binds production to customer.
Mazzonetto: a brand, a company , a family, trained staff and plenty of Italian passion!