The story goes on


The story begins in Fossalta di Piave, in the heart of the Italian Northeast, thanks to the initiative and creativity of a twenty year old girl, Bruna Poles. 
Coming back from a work experience in Gallarate at a cotton mill, she decides to change her life. With courage and goodwill she decides to try and manufacture knitwear using an old work machine, bought thanks to a loan from a cousin, who had just come back from the US. 
Before long she needs help to satisfy her customers’ demands (at first neighbours, then artisanal workshops working for the first garment factories), so she involves her two younger sisters, keeping the professional risk for herself.
And thanks to the job she will meet her husband, Franco Mazzonetto, who will bring home with his truck, a knitting machine purchased in Milan.
It’s a pivotal moment, where love and the will to create something good together, allow Bruna and Franco to start a bold journey, full of success but also sacrifices. The Maglificio San Valentino was founded in Musile di Piave and so begins a long collaboration with the US market for which they manufacture the first polo shirt with a lowered collar, similar to shirts.
Thus Bruna devotes herself to the job, assisted by the employed staff, whereas Franco deals with the commercial aspect, establishing long-lasting and fruitful relationships with overseas customers, exporting the “Made in Italy”.
The 1971 oil crisis and the dollar inconvertibility put a strain on the Mazzonetto family, who works almost entirely for the US market.
The company grows and in 1972 moves to Fossalta di Piave, in a new, spacious, modern facility. There are a lot of newly employed workers, there are a lot of new customers.


Modern history

The real Italian knitwear


Today Mazzonetto Srl is a modern Italian company. The beating heart of the company is in Fossalta di Piave (Venice), as well as the creative and collection department, the offices and the outlet.
The new generation is carrying on the tradition: Cristina and Valentino Mazzonetto have followed in the footsteps of their parents, making the passion and the work ethic their own. It hasn’t been a direct choice, they received a family jewel that speaks about their history and the history of the area in which they live. Every day they breathed the passion for work in their family: they grew professionally thanks to customers with different cultures, collaboration with employees and the difficulties they overcame.
So today Crisitina runs the style office, keeps in contact with suppliers and customers and she works tirelessly in order to offer fashionable collections, according to the Mazzonetto style.
Valentino deals with the sales network management: 60 monobrand stores.
Tradition and innovation are core beliefs in Mazzonetto today: a successful mix of knowledge of the customer and ongoing research, all for the customer’s satisfaction.
Every collection, thought and developed with the collaborators, is a challenge, a search for stimuli, materials, colors. Every store is a story within a story, a little jewel in a bigger interlock. Cristina and Valentino never give up, they keep on dreaming… and the story goes on.


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