The good wool

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Extra Fine Merino Wool. The proper washing 
To maintain the natural characteristics of Extra Fine Merino Wool unaltered over time, here are some tips.
Gentle cleaning
Extra fine merino wool garments can be washed by hand, but without rubbing. The excessive rubbing of the fibers would in fact lead them to get tangled, producing the classic effect of felting and ruining the garment.
The garment should be immersed for 10-15 minutes in a basin of water at 30 ° C, using a neutral detergent, and then rinsed in cold water to remove soap residues.
You can also use the washing machine, setting a temperature not higher than 30 ° C and choosing a program for delicate clothes. It is also of fundamental importance to deactivate any spinning function and any eventual drying.
Choosing the right detergent
The detergents indicated for normal wool, characterized by larger fibers than Merino Wool Extrafine, contain softeners, bleach and enzymes protease, which can damage the molecules of the Merino fiber, more sensitive and delicate. In this way the fibers could swell, causing the garment to deform and become felted.
It is better to use pH neutral detergents, possibly biological and plant-based.